Development services
Feasibility study
Machine design
System realization
Measurement and validation


Development services

MI-Partners offers assistance in the mechatronic development of your high performance system. 

Our services as listed below represent our way of working from specifications up to a fully functioning turnkey system, and can be offered in seperate work-packages if desired.

• Feasibility study on mechanical, thermal or dynamical specifications and performance
• Concept generation and design of a new machine
• Realizing a prototype or one of a kind equipment
• Measurement and validation of specifications


MI-Partners: R&D partner for all stages in your development
Feasibility study

Usually we are involved in the early stage of the development, even when the specifications are not fully defined. Often a customer comes with an idea of a new machine, typically with the factor 2 question: Can our machine run twice as fast, twice as accurate or can be half the costs? In some cases this can be answered directly based on our expertise. In other cases, especially when not all requirements are clear, a feasibility study is offered. In this study the case is explored a bit deeper. Typically the customer brings in his application knowledge and MI-Partners brings in the mechatronic expertise, based on our mechanical, dynamics & control and thermal competences. At the end of the feasibility study a conclusion is drawn whether a solution can be realized within the specifications and business case. This is well-funded based on hand, numerical or FEM calculations to predict the performance, first sketches of one or more solutions and if required dedicated tests to prove feasibility.


Machine design

Once the specifications are known, MI-Partners can start a design traject. This design traject is divided in three phases:

Concept design

During the concept design the ideas generated in the feasibility phase for a machine are worked out in more detail in CAD and all actuators and sensor methods are defined. Furthermore predictive numerical and FEM models are made to calculate or simulate mechanical, dynamical and thermal performance. If the outcome is not satisfactory an update of the concept will be made. By doing this iteration loop based on predictive analyses, a lot of time and costs are saved on modifications in a later stage.

After the concept design all key components are designed and/or selected and the performance is theoretically proven.


Global design

In the global design the concept design is brought to a higher level. This means:

  • all components are designed or selected in more detail with all funtionality and interfaces
  • peripheral components are selected
  • assembly and tooling is worked out
  • calculations are updated and refined

At the end of the global design the 3D design of the machine is finished and the electronic, control and software architecture are defined.


Detail design

In the detail design all the drawings and manuals are finished. A complete part list is created to order all components.



System realization

In the realisation phase the designed system is ordered according to drawings. Over the years MI-Partners has build a solid network of high quality and flexible suppliers that are specialized in fast prototyping. MI-Partners has its own assembly space, thermal enclosure and has access to clean room facilities. Over the years a variaty of systems are realized by MI-partners as can be seen on our project page


Measurement and validation

In general all systems we develop will be validated with dedicated tests. Besides our own developed equipment, MI-Partners offers measurement services as well to existing machines. We have access to high-end test equipment. Common measurements performed by MI-Partners are:

  • modal and vibration measurements and analyses to increase dynamical performance
  • thermal measurements to analyze thermal stability
  • friction and stiffness measurements of e.g. guidings

see Examples on more details on our measurement services