MI-Partners News Archive

ASPE annual meeting

7 October 2010

Theo Ruijl and Dick Laro will attend the ASPE annual meeting in Atlanta at the beginning of November. They are available for technical discussions. If you intend to meet them please contact us in advance.

6 DOF active vibration isolation platform

29 June 2010

MI-partners has developed a new active 6 degree-of-freedom vibration isolation platform. For more info see the projects page.

BBQ 2010

11 June 2010

To celebrate the three year existence of MI-Partners a BBQ was held at Leo Sanders’ home.

New website launched!

3 June 2010

We are very proud to announce our new website.

Bert Govers designed the new look & feel. The open source Drupal Content Management System customisation was done in house.

Euspen 2010

3 June 2010

MI-Partners was present at the Euspen 2010 conference at TU Delft.

ASPE spring topical meeting 2010

14 April 2010

MI-Partners gave a presentation on the ASPE spring topical meeting at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA) on active vibration isolation.

Hightech Mechatronics 2010

29 March 2010

MI-Partners was present at the Hightech Mechatronics fair at NH Conference Centre Koningshof in Veldhoven.

The Demonstrator Overactuated Technology drew a lot of attention of the visitors. We noticed that people are optimistic about the future again.

Golf clinic

26 March 2010

On Friday 26st of March the whole MI-Partners team, including graduate students, went to Golf Club de Gulbergen for an exciting golf clinic. After several lessons in putting, chipping and swinging (up to 120 meters) it was time for a match! Many golf balls ended up in the ponds but it also appeared that several golf talents are employed at MI-Partners. The day was concluded with a nice dinner.