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MSKE meeting @ MI-partners

7 November 2016

Last friday the 33th MSKE meeting was hosted by MI-Partners. This day is dedicated to exchange knowledge on mechatronic subjects. During the day the participants got a taste of the various competences of MI-Partners. After a general introduction, Theo Ruijl covered the first presentation on the many applications of using passive damping. Blown away by the dynamic improvements or may by all the mathematics, everyone could revive with a small coffee break. After the coffee the program continued with three presentations on dynamics, showing among other a test set-up on ball bearing noise.

The afternoon session were reserved for the thermal and mechanical competences. A manipulator stage for PTB with nanometer resolution was presented. This was followed by a thermal presentation on a internally developed local fluid stream heater with mK stability.

After all the talks it was time for the demonstrations. MI-Partners proudly showed five mechatronic systems in their new assembly and measurement room: the damper test rig,  active force cancellation system, a vibration isolation platform, a bearing noise measurement set-up and the local fluid stream heater.

The day was closed with a drink, where everyone enthusiastically shared their ideas on the latest developments.

MI-Partners would like to thank everyone for their positive comments.

ASPE 31st Annual meeting

27 September 2016

MI-Partners will attend the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) 31st Annual meeting.

Please come visit us at booth nr. 11

Sunday – Friday, October 23-28, 2016
Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
Portland, OR, USA

Jan van Eijk, shareholder MI-Partners, received Martin van den Brink Award

5 July 2016

Shareholder Jan van Eijk received the Martin van den Brink award. 

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MI-Partners BBQ 2016

15 June 2016

The annual BBQ 2016. 



Interview with Thomas Camus

11 December 2015

TunnelTalk interview with Thomas Camus regarding TBM innovations approach field testing.

The main goal of the Seismic vibrator which MI-Partners developed will be highlighted.

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Shareholders MI-Partners increase their interest

5 August 2015

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MI-Partners presents new vibration isolation system on Semicon West

10 July 2015

From 14-16 July MI-Partners will present their latest vibration isolation system at the Semicon West in San Francisco.  This system is developed as being the first isolation system of a product line. Key factors of this anti-vibration solution will be: easy integratable, scalable and low cost. As a proof of this design Bosch Rexroth will be the first, making use of this technology in their demonstrator. This demonstrator can be visited at the booth of Bosch Rexroth:  South Hall Booth 1817.


Damper technology

In the past years MI-Partners is being very active in the field of passive polymer damping. MI-Partners showed that it is possible to design for damping besides stiffness. This means the polymer is not specifically used for their compliant behavior as it is done in many anti-vibration applications. Instead it is principally used for their damping properties. It is possible to create a damper design and accurately predict the corresponding dynamic system behavior. With an industrial supplier polymer products are developed both having high damping values  and show cleanroom compatibility. These dampers modules have been designed  for customers like ASML and NXP. Modal damping ratios up to 30% on system level have been achieved, resulting in remarkable increases in bandwidth. More information of this damping technology can be found here.


Vibration isolation systems

With the success of the recently damped machine designs a question was raised for a modular and easy integratable design for typical (semiconductor) stages. If vibration issues are present on any kind of stage, e.g. inspection or position stages, it should be possible to interchange the current suspension for a more suitable suspension. With this thought in mind a line of three anti-vibration mounts (AVI-mounts) was created, consisting of three different products with their own ways and level of damping:


  • AVI-mount passive (presented at the SEMICON)

    The AVI-mount passive is a low-cost solution for most stage designs to obtain a quick step forward to increase performance. It consists of a passive anti-vibration module consisting of a spring and a polymer damper. Since it is a passive module no electronic connections and hardware is required. The mount is designed on a suspension frequencies of  8-15 Hz. This is slightly higher than the typical anti-vibration system. Principal reason for this cause is that this suspension relies more on damping instead of vibration isolation. With this mount modal damping values between 20-40% are achieved.  It turns out this choice results in a better suppression of vibrations in the low frequent range (1-20Hz).


  • AVI-mount active (patent pending)

    The AVI-mount advanced is an extremely suitable solution for motion stages with high acceleration setpoints, like inspection or positioning stages.  By means of active force cancellation the vibration level can be reduced by more than a factor 10. The force cancellation module consists has  an in and out of plane actuator along the spring-damper combination. Based on feedforward control the actuators compensate the exerted forces on the stage. A set of four modules is capable of compensating up to 150 N in all directions. The spring-damper combination isolates vibrations from the ground. This suspension is designed for a frequency of around 5 Hz and has modal damping values of around 20%.


  • AVI mount advanced (under development)

    The AVI-mount active is for the high-end user requiring nanometer stability. This product is still under development. It will consist of an active feedback loop by means of integrated motion sensors.


  • AVI mount: new anti-vibration solution

Bosch Rexroth shows MIMO gantry demonstrator on Semicon West

9 July 2015

From 14-16 July Bosch Rexroth will show their latest demonstrator at the Semicon West in San Francisco. This demonstrator shows the capability of the new type of industrial NYCe controllers. A highlight of these controllers is the option to perform MIMO gantry control. Furthermore the demonstrator consist of Bosch’ high precision linear guides and linear motion system with integrated encoders. The design, integration and suspension of this demonstrator is done in partnership with MI-Partners. The demonstrator can be seen in South Hall Booth 1817. MI-Partners wishes Bosch Rexroth a successful fair.

For more information see also the website of Bosch Rexroth. For more information on the suspension click here.


 Bosch Rexroth' demonstrator