Manipulator with micrometer precision
Vacuum system in set-up for testing high speed bearings
Seismic vibrator with electromagnetic actuators which will be placed on a tunnel boring machine
A high-speed XYZ manipulator for applying glue for bonding dies to leadframes
A design-in of the SCIL® nano-imprint technology was developed (photo courtesy Suss)
For a lightweight 450mm wafer chuck a set-up was designed and built to test smart actuator placement
An automated print stack unloader for making booklets up to A3


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    MI-Partners: Partners in Mechatronic Innovation

MI-Partners provides innovative mechatronic solutions, to help customers worldwide in their development.

These solutions can consist of the following services:

To get an idea of our achievements, have a look at the projects page. Often our solutions are characterized by high acceleration and/or accuracy, like ultra-fast (>10g) stages, extremely accurate (sub-nanometers) manipulators, complex moving robots and handlers.

As a result of the NeTTUN project we founded the spinoff company Seismic Mechatronics.

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